13' "Round"

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We say round, we really mean roundish! This is technically a dodecagon, which as you may know stands for 12 sided beauty. This classic size is comfy cozy in almost any yard, it's familiar, memorable, smells like home you know? And as an added bonus, it actually LARGER than 13' across! Happy Birthday to you am I right?


Frame measures 13' 6" across, and stands 36” tall (from ground to top of frame).

96 springs total. 

Mat measures x. Made with TenCate Permatron® material.

Frame Pads are 15” across, and 1.5” thick.


The price of custom coloured pads varies. If you select "custom", you will be contacted within 1 business day for more information!



We have the best warranty in the business!

Frame and Legs:
Lifetime against rust perforation
10 years against defects in materials & workmanship
10 years against defects in material & workmanship
5 years on stitching on perimeter of bed
Frame Pads:
5 years against defects in material & workmanship
(fading caused by UV rays not included)
5 years on stitching
10 years against breakage


*This chart is a summary of our warranty but is not a legal document. This warranty applies only to Canada, the warranty details in other countries may vary slightly.
Please contact us for a more detailed version!